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Meet Karin

Karin Holyman

Founder & Owner


Karin is a Trigger Point Massage Specialist with 20 years experience and has been offering this modality at Woy Woy’s Gnostic Healing Centre for the past 6 years.       

She now has her rooms at 9/15 Forresters Beach Road, Forresters Beach NSW.


Karin holds Pilates Matwork & Reformer Certification & individual stretching programs are prescribed to all clients based on the issue at hand.


Infrared light has always played a major role in Karin’s therapy, which led Karin’s fascination with healing light towards Laser Therapy.


In August 2014, Karin received her Laser Certification with the Australian Institute of Laser Therapy after completing several Government Accredited courses in Laser Science. 

M: 0420 705 776

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