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Non-Invasive & Drug Free


Lipo+Plus Multilase is a non-invasive, natural, pain-free and drug-free process that can reshape your body whether you are looking for general inch-loss or simply tackling that stubborn area you just can’t budge.

Each treatment course begins with a guided client consultation to fully understand the client’s wishes and to ensure that they have no medical problems of concern.

Treatment itself consists of the application of red laser light to the problem areas using a number of smooth bars each containing 6 laser diodes gently held to the body with fabric wraps. The light passes through the skin without damage or thermal effect and causes the biochemical reaction in the cells. The lymph nodes local to the treatment area are simultaneously stimulated with dedicated lymph probes to aid the transmission of fatty acids away from the area.

Inch loss for all the problems areas is available – waist, midriff, back, hips, thighs, knees, arms, jowls - and the treatment is increasingly popular with men to reduce fat around the pectorals (or ‘moobs’!). Treatment of each problem area requires 10 minutes. For best results a course of 8 treatments on a twice weekly regime is recommended.

Light exercise provided in the clinic post treatment is also recommended to further facilitate the process and aid lymphatic drainage – a 10 minute session using exercise plates and hydration is ideal. The treatment is hands-free so once it has begun the client can be left to relax for the 10 minutes.

Pain Free Therapy


LipoPlus body sculpting results are measurable by the end of each treatment and during research trials clients lost over 10% of torso circumference on average per course of treatment. This laser treatment initiates a photobiological reaction followed by a metabolic process that occurs naturally with absolutely no cell or tissue destruction, unlike medically invasive Liposuction and other

types of thermal treatments and ultrasound lipocavitation.

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After 1 treatment
After 8 treatments
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