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Read the testimonials given by just some of our happy customers...

Hi Karin,

Just want to tell you how fantastic I've been feeling since having your amazing laser treatment! Wow!

As I explained to you I had been feeling unwell, tired and aching all over a lot of the time. I'd also gained a lot of cellulite on my upper arms and legs. I thought that was it for me at 53 years old.. I was now going down hill fast. But... definitely not now.. I have been given a new lease of life back!

Even just after the first treatment addressing my back arms and legs.. I felt free movement without pain. The easy stretching exercises you advised me to do have also made a huge change to my general being. After just 3 treatments I now have so much more energy and my mind seems clearer too.
Thank you! Bernie Redmayne - Jan 2015

After having limited success from massage and acupuncture on my sore elbows and forearms, my (progressive) GP referred me for laser therapy. I've known Karin for years and trusted her knowledge and experience as a trigger point therapist and was delighted to find that she had become trained in laser therapy.

I had a treatment on my left elbow first and this allowed me to compare what was happening to both elbows. I would say that just in last first week, the pain and stiffness in my left elbow reduced by 50% compared to the other. I then had another treatment in my left elbow, as well as my right elbow and neck, shoulders and back.

I truly feel that this therapy together with a strict stretching regime has made an enormous difference to my condition. I do not have the pain in the joints that I previously had and I have more strength and am not apprehensive about picking things up or leaning on my arms as I was previously. There is still some slight pain if I have overdone things, but I think that perhaps another treatment or two and I will achieve even better results.

If you have struggled with pain -acute or chronic I would highly recommend this treatment and Karin will do everything possible to help your body heal. 
Thanks Karin!


Lynne Blackbourn 6th January 2015

Hi Karin
Thanks a lot for yesterday. It was great to meet you & experience the effects of a laser massage 😌. Last night I felt more relaxed & did not need to use my wheat pillow for my aching muscles. As usual I woke at regular intervals during the night, but last night I didn't stress over it, just relaxed & drifted off again.
I've faced some frustrating situations today & although upsetting at the time I've let them go quicker.
Due to the 'complex' nature of my health situation I'm very aware of my reaction to anything new but am feeling positive that this therapy could be very helpful to me👍
Enjoy your w/e☀️

I was diagnosed with shingles on 12th Nov 2014 which resulted in hospitalisation for 5 days.
I received my first cold laser treatment from Karin Holyman DRM, on Thursday 27th Nov 2014 for exposed lesions on the left side of my forehead, burning sensation down the left side of my face ,and lip, nose and eye.
Following the treatment, the pain started to immediately subside and I slept soundly for 6 hours which was fantastic as I was unable to sleep for more 2 hours due to the pain. On Monday the lesions cleared up completely.
My second treatment followed seven days later, during which treatment was concentrated on my face to help relieve the burning sensation. An immediate effect was experienced with the reduction of the burning sensation. I also slept sounded the following 2 nights.
The burning in my face over areas that were treated ie nose lip forehead and scalp did not return.
A third treatment followed 4 days later which remaining scalp burning sensation was retreated and immediately reduced.  
I feel the laser treatment definitely advanced my healing substantially and eased the pain.


My name is Franchesca. I'm the Manager of The Lighthouse Space, Ettalong. If you would like an amazing clairvoyant reading, book on 0449675840.

I mention the above information because I have access to a large number of therapists and healers on the Central Coast.

I had severe arthritic pain in my right knee, right hip and back when I first started having laser treatment with Karin six weeks ago. I am now walking taller and straighter. My back is absolutely pain free and the level of pain in my knee and hip is negligible. I haven't had to use any pain suppressants in the last 6 weeks.

I would happily recommend Karin's laser therapy as the best therapy I have ever experienced.

Thank you Karin - you have definitely improved the quality of my life. I will continue your therapy and recommend you to all my clients.

I discovered Karin after a particularly bad time with pain from Complex Regional Pain that I have been living with for two years. The pain that I was experiencing was literally blinding and my body, particularly my left side was a mess of bunched up muscles that were causing even more pain. After the first session I was amazed at the amount of release I had in my muscles and the lessening of the constant nerve pain.

I have had three shorter sessions since then and I am happy to say that I am pretty much pain free, both my muscles and the nerve pain have responded to the laser in such a good way.

Karin has been amazing in her knowledge of the body and laser treatment as well as nurturing my recovery in a positive way. I would encourage anyone who lives with CRPS to visit Karin and have some treatments, there is light at the end of that tunnel of pain thanks to Karin and her laser. Catherine - 3 Dec 2015.

After years of pain.. and this last year has been the worse.. I'm getting a new left hip on August 15th - yippee!


A really big THANK YOU to the lovely Karin Holyman who has treated me on a regular basis with cold laser which has been amazing in relieving the pain.


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