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Are you treating pain correctly?

“Peter” had been experiencing back, hip and sciatic pain for fifteen years. He said he was looking forward to the back surgery scheduled in a few weeks because he believed it was the only real solution. He was just coming to us, he said, in hopes of temporary relief until the appointed day. After five visits, all pain was gone. George was puzzled and wondered if he should still have surgery. He came for two more visits with pre and post pain scores of zero before he decided to cancel it.

Pain is the #1 reason patients visit doctors. How interested would you be in practicing treatments shown to be safe, effective and affordable and which not only may relieve soft tissue, arthritis and other pain rapidly but heal the underlying tissue trauma at its source?

Rather than merely masking pain, laser and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies have been documented to help move the body through inflammation, accelerating and improving the quality

Where is the source of pain?

Laser therapy can deliver light directly up to five centimeters deeply in tissue, reaching virtually all A delta and C fibers (peripheral nerve fibers most associated with pain perception) and nearly any pathology in the soft tissue and bony structures of the head, neck, spine and limbs.

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